In the heart of holiday fun next to the sea, spring water, god and kids, lots of kids.

In the heart of holiday fun next to the sea, spring water, god and kids, lots of kids.  - Property Pelion

Code: H5009 KALA NERA
Location: Kala Nera - Pelion
Price: € 260.000
Size: 222m2+68m2
Size of Land: 749m2
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 1
Parking: No
Distance from sea: 40m
Car access: Yes

This neoclassical house is located in the heart of Kala Nera, next to the main church and the playground. It is just a few steps from the beach and the busy (during the summer) popular seafront of Kala Nera. The best spring water of Pelion gushes right next to the accommodation. The house needs renovation and has 4 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom upstairs. The ground floor is in an unfinished condition and currently is used as a storage but can be configured like the upper level. The building is suitable for tourist development, as Kala Nera is one of the most popular beach resorts of Pelion. It has a beautiful paved courtyard and there is unique feature of the property: the spring that gushes fresh water. Also next to the house there is a warehouse of 68m2.

Neoclassical two-storey house with 4 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom on the upper level and unfinished ground floor which can have a similar layout to the upper level. The house needs renovation. 222m2 living space  with 68m2 warehouse on 749m2 of land

Information about neoclassical houses:

This is a neoclassical stone tower. These buildings were built around the very beginning of last century by wealthy Greek merchants from Egypt who used Pelion as their summer home. They often traveled with their servants. At that time Egypt was very much influenced by France. Thus these mansions have a French style and are foreign to Pelion which has its own traditional homes with extended upper floors. Neoclassical houses are basically a square building with each floor having 4 rooms at the 4 corners of the house. There are usually 2 upper floors and a semi-basement which because of the slope of the mountain from one side (towards the sea) look as if they are 3 full floors with a sea view veranda even at the lower floor. Typically each room has its own fire place.    

The larger the stones and the wider the corridor in the centre of the house on each floor, was evidence of more wealth and affluence of the owners. Bathrooms and kitchen were usually in an annex close to the house. Verandas were all around the house but balconies were typically very slim and marginal and to date, in order to preserve the style, you are not allowed to build larger balconies for these houses. These mansions had a large amount of land around them which were cultivated by local farmers but now days the heirs of the aristocrats have sold much of the land and many of these houses are left with little or even no land.

Typically two side by side rooms on the top floor have a removable (slides) partition which if closed creates two bedrooms and if opened turns the rooms to a large function hall.  

Other characteristics are that, in fear of pirates, these mansions were rarely built near or even visible from the sea. Similar to Pelion traditional houses the basement of these mansions were sometimes used to keep farm animals which also kept the upper levels warm during the winter months.



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Property Code: H5009 KALA NERA

Enquire about this property

Property Code: H5009 KALA NERA

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